Life is but a Dream....

Bucket List

*Start a new blog {DONE)
*Road Trip to the four corners  
*Healthy Living - Meal Planning- Fitness Focused
*One bedroom apartment - fully furnish.
*Back to school
*Get a second job bartending
*Get a passport - First stamp - Ibiza -  
*Start a business plan
*Learn to crochet
*Visit a winery
*Join a Book Club - Read at least 6 books
*Learn to swim
*Put all my photos in albums or scrapbook
*Family recipe book
*Take a photography class
*Skydive or Bungee Jump
*Get a tattoo on my back
*Plan my surgery for next year.
*Have at least 2,000 in my savings account
*Begin Laser Hair removal treatments
*Get a Teacup Maltese
*Begin taking weekly classes of either: Yoga-Kickboxing-Zumba-Pole Dancing
*Organize at least 6 group activities
*Reach out to handicaple children
*Find a way to apologize
*Teach Kimmy Artwork
*Find Inner Peace through religion and/or meditation
*Give Love a chance
**BONUS: Miami, Las Vegas and or New York for the 30

Welcome to my thoughts Lovers.
The personal goal is to look back a year from today and see how much I was able to accomplish. Let the story begin. . .

From Monica To Keisha